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High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine Model EUROPA HD



EUROPA HD is a plasma cuttion system developed by CR Electronic to maximize results obtainable with high definition plasma units.

The unique mechanical design and unsurpassed quality of the system components produce the highest precision standards even at very high cutting speeds.

High levels of automation incorporated into the design make the system easy to learn and use.


Safety and Work Environment

An effective fume extractio system and numerous safety features allow EUROPA HD to meet required health and safety regulations and provide a safe working environment


Turnkey Solution

EUROPA HD is supplied as a turnkey solution including a high precision cutting machine with an integral cutting table and fume extraction system, Phoenix PC based control, high definition plasma system, personal computer with programming, automatic nesting and machine management software.


CR Electronic directly designs and manufactures all system components (with the exception of the plasma system) assuring complete compatibility.

Mechanical Structure

The rigid unitized design incorporates machine tool quality precision linear guides in all axex. A unique plate support grid system easilly supports plates up to maximum thickness able to be cut by high definition plasma systems. EUROPA HD is available in several sizes to fit your application.


Axis Motion

X and Y axes utilize AC brushliss motors assuring smooth and precise motion control throughout the entire working speed range even on small holes and complex profiles.


Axis motion design incorporates a dual side precision rack and pinion X axis and re-circulating ball screw Y axis.


High quality machine tool guides assure +/- 0.1 mm (0.004") positioning accuracy over the entire working range on all size machines even when executing


complex paths at high-cutting speeds.

Traverse positioning speed of 25m/min (1000 IPM) and contouring speed of 15m/min (600 IPM).


Integrated Torch Height Controller with Anti Collision Torch Holder

EUROPA HD incorporates a sophisticatecd fully automatic torch height control system that maintains precise cutting height during the piercing and cutting  cycles.

The computerized management of the piercing cycle aids prolonged consumable life and the exclusive floating anti-collision torch holder design avoids damage in the event of collision with the torch.


Fume Extraction

Cutting fumes, slag and scrap are collected by a hood moving underneath the plasma torch.

The honeycomb plate support grid assures concentrated fume extraction in a centralized zone of the cutting area.

Phoenix PC Based Control

Phoenix is a four axis PC based control utilizing a Microsoft Windows operating system, Intel Pentium type industrial processor, and a high-visibility color TFT LCD with graphics.


An Intuitive graphic users interface, plasma cutting parameters display, advanced go to home, pierce, stop and resume function make phoenix easy to learn and operate.


Ethernet connection of Phoenix to a personal computer with WinPlasma programming and automatic nesting software assures quick programming and efficient nesting of any part.



EUROPA HD comes with WinCam automatic nesting and mCAD drawing software programs.


WinCam is a software package developed for high definition plasma cutting and includes automatic nesting, cutting process control parameters, lead-ins,lead-outs, common side cutting, bridging, batch management and reporting.


mCAD is a CAD package developed for designers of parts for fabrication and metalworking.


Both programs allow importing and exporting of standard DXF files providing a seamless method for data exchange directly with other popular software packages.

EUROPA HD can be optionally equipped with:

 - Plasma or air    scribe marking    devices

 - Manual or     motorized cutting     pallet changer

 - Automatic gas     console for High     Definition plasma     systems

 - Air filtering system


Pallet Changer

Automatic Gas Console


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T E C H N I C A L  S P E C I F I C A T I O N



Working sizes mm.(feet)

Floor size mm.(feet)


2000x1000 (3.25'x6.5')

3800x1900 (6.25'x13')


3000x1500 (5'x10')

4800x2400 (8'x16')


3000x2000 (5'x13')

4800x2900 (9.5'x16')


4000x1500 (6.5'x10')

5800x2400 (8'x19')


4000x2000 (6.5'x13')

5800x2900 (9.5'x19')


Technical Features

 - Rigid unitized electro welded frame

 - Integral moving hood fume extraction system

 - Dual side rack and pinion and high precision     linear guides X axis

 - High precision re-circuating ball and screw and     linear guides on Y and Z axis

 - Plate support table

 - Repetition accuracy +/- 0.1mm(0,004")

Personal Computer Hardware

 - Personal computer

 - Laser printer

 - Ethernet network card

 - Network connection cable (standard length 230')

"Phoenix" PC based control

 - MicrosoftWindows operating system

 - Intel Pentium type industrial processor

 - High visibility color TFT screen

 - Ethernet card

 - Environmentally sealed, industrial PC, ergonomic     design

 - Hard disk and 3.5' floppy

 - Dust proof keyboard

 - On screen Help File

 - Advanced diagnostics

 - High definition advanced management     functionality

 - AC brushless motors on X and Y axis

 - Integrated automatic torch height controller

 - Anti-collision torch holder

 - Maximum traverse speed: 25m/min (1000 IPM)

 - Maximum cutting speed: 15m/min (600 IPM)


WinPlasma software package including:

 - Production order management

 - Automatic and manual nesting

 - Cutting parmeters data base for different material     types and thickness as cutting speed, arc     voltage, piercing height, cutting height, gas     console settings,

    lead-ins, lead-outs, common side cutting,     bridging, batch management and reporting.

 - Cutting quality optimization feature

 - Functions to minimize pierces and cutting path     optimisation

 - DXF or mCAD drawing import

 - Parametric shapes library

    mCAD software package including:

 - Drawing program

 - DXF files import and export

 - Metalowrking macros library

Plasma System

Various models, selection based on customer requirments and included with the system


CR01 - Laser Cut TETHYS

CR02 - Water Jet POSEIDON

CR03 - Superplasma

CR04 - HD Plasma

CR05 - Plasma Entry

CR06 - Combi Punching + Plasma

CR07 - Portal CNC Cutting

CR08 - Press Brake

CR09 - Shear

CR10 - Rectangular Duct

CR11 - Duct Flanging

CR12 - Ribbing for Duct

CR13 - Radial Cut


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