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DUNKES Internal High Pressure Forming


DUNKES 회사는매우 복잡한 형상에다가, 속이 비어있는 형태의 물체를 성형 (forming)하기 위한 "내부 고압력 기계" (IHP : Internal High Pressure Machine)라는 특수한 기계를 공급하고 있음. 어떠한 제품의 최초원형 (Prototype)을 형성하기 위하여, 공정 시뮬레이션, 타당성검토, 생산방법계획, 그리고 제조공정 최적화 정보를 고객에게 제공함. DUNKES IHP 공정 컨트롤 PC 5000 사용하여 고객은 필요한 데이터를 수집하고 평가할 수 있음.

DUNKES 회사에서 IHF ( Internal High-pressure Forming)을 위하여 특별히 걔발된 software는 여러 가지 공정처리 프로그램을 만드는데 이상적인 기초 (기본)가  된다. 응용의 한계가 제약을 받거나 고객의 경우마다 일일이 조정을 해줘야 되는 간단한 컨트롤 시스템보다,  DUNKES 회사에서는 모듈식 시스템 (Modular System)을 채택하는데 이것은, 개별 제품 (부품) 에 따라서 간단한 조정만 해주면 고객의 요구사항을 충족 시킬 수 있는 방법이다.

이로써, Modularity 와 재 사용 가능성을 높여주고, 높은 품질 표준을 충족하게 됨. 특별히 개발된, real-time 으로 작동하는 시스템 핵심의 도움을 받아 신호 처리시스템 (signal processor system)에서 데이터가 처리됨. 이것에 의하면, 고급 프로그래밍 언어를 사용하지 않고도 매우 다양한 제어 순서 (control sequences) 와 PLC 기능의 의사평행처리 (pseudo-parallel processing)를 보장해줌. 모듈화와 객체지향적 프로그래밍 (object-oriented programming)은 DUNKES에서 공급가능한 프로그램 표준 팩키지의 중요 특성임.




For years DUNKES has supplied internal high-pressure machines on the basis of 3 or 4 columns to the manufactures of complex-formed hollow bodies. Beainning with prototyping and ending up with the manufacture of the finished product, the customer is supplied with the necessary press technology, high-pressure technology, and the required number of auxiliary axles. We have our own prototype forming machine on the basis of which we can offer you process simulation, a feasibility study, method planning, and a manufacturing process optimization which will give you the necessary information for your buying decision. With the used of the DUNKES IHF-process control PC 5000, you will benefit from the efficiency, the possible data collection and evaluation.

Software developed specially for IHF forming guarantees an ideal basis for the creation of numerous processing programs. Instead of a compact  control system with limited application which has to be adjusted to the need of each customer, there is a modular system which, by the simple adjustment of individual components, can easily be matched exactly to customer requirements. In this way, a high degree of modularity and reusability is achieved, which guarantees a high quality standard. Data processing in the signal processor system takes place with the help of a specially developed real-time operating system core. This guarantees the pseudo-parallel processing of a wide variety of control sequences and PLC functions, without having to do without the advantages of a high-level programming language. Modularisation and object-oriented programming are both part of the standard package of available programming aids.



 Internal High Pressure Techniques


시뮬레이션에서 얻어지는 성능 (성과)은 최신의 회로내 디버깅 시스템 (in-circuit-debugging system) 에 의하여 근사치 처리되며, 이것은 신뢰할 수 있는 소프트웨어 시스템을 매우 빠르게 개발하도록 하여줌. 세계적으로 성능이 입증된Windows TM Operating System을 사용하는 산업용 PC로써, 네트워크화, 고해상도 그래픽 디스플레이, 대량저장과 표준 주변장치 (printer, drive) 의 연결을 가능하게 해줌.


The performance is rounded off by a modern in-circuit-debugging system which permits fast and reliable development of software systems which were hitherto impracticable. The industrial PC used in conjunction with the worldwide successful operating system Windows TM satisfies many needs such as networking, high-resolution graphic display, mass storage and the connection of standard peripheral items such as printers and drives. 


1. Localized bulging of forming parts

Taps and fittings bicycle components vehicle components exhaust pipes.


2. Symetrical and circumferential widening of forming parts widening of forming parts


Taps and fittings gear components transmission components chassis components


 3. Offsetting of forming parts with extended longitudinal axis

Taps and fittings framework chassis components motor parts elbowed parts


4. Calibrating tight bending radii

Taps and fittings metal fittings bodies and chassis


5. Widening of forming parts with bent longitudinal axis

Taps and fittings metal fittings suction pipes tank system components exhaust systems


6. Jointing and forming

Connections motor parts sandwich constructions


7. Forming combinations

Taps and fittings bodies and chassis framework spaceframe


8. Punching

Bodies and chassis


9. Pressing

Gear components transmission parts motor parts

DUNKES - general

01 DUNKES - Drawing Press

02 DUNKES - Press System

03 DUNKES - Assembly Press

04 DUNKES - P/M Prss

05 DUNKES - Tryout Press

06 DUNKES - Trimming Press

07 DUNKES - Straightening Press

08 DUNKES - Wheel Mounting Press

09 DUNKES - IHP(Internal High Pressure Forming)


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