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GRABENER High Speed Coin Embossing Press


Model MPU


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The GRABENER High-Speed Coining Presses MPU model series are running in mints worldwide with nominal ratings of 1000 kN (850 strokes per minute), 1500 kN (750 strokes per minute), 2000 kN (650 strokes per minute) and last but not least 3000 kN (500 strokes per minute).


With additional equipment various coin shapes as well as bicolor coins can be embossed.

Also punching of bicolor rings or embossing of difficult reliesfs on multi-strike operation is possible.


GRABENER has always been a trendsetter in this field.

Some significant developments are the hydraulic fast-clamping tool chuck, the automatic press force adjustment or the new design of the noise enclosure having not only an excellent accessibility.


For all coins of the world

round coins

polygonal coins

bicolor coins

bicolor blanks

bicolor rings

coins with difficult relief


The GRABENER High-Speed Coining Preess Model MPU does them all


The proven knuckle-joint system of GRABENER for better embossing and prolonged tool life

Compared with


the link drive, the knuckle-joint drive clearly presents several advantages: due to a reduced slide speed in the forming range the knuckle-joint drive provides enough time for sufficient plastic material flow.


This is particularly important for the embossing of complex shapes and images. the dies set down gently and virtually shock-free - and corresondingly tool life is longer.


The principle:

The crankshaft operates the knuckle-joint via the connecting rod.


The press force is transferred by the thrust pieses.


The press force is transferred by the thrust pieces.


The brackets onnect the knuckle-joint bolts and transfer the retraction forces.


The press slide is effective in the direction bottom to top and due to its rigid but light construction allows for operation with high numbers of strokes.


The ejector is actuated mechanically by a cam in the head of the frame. Drive of the cam is effected via automatically tensioned toothed belts synchronously to the crankshaft.


Convincing design...

compact, space-saving press drive with pneumatic clutch-brake unit

optimal bearing application for the crankshaft obtained by a strong spherical roller bearing

separate bearing of the flywheel avoids unbalanced loads and drive effects onto the crankshaft

a central oil lubrication supplies all major bearings, including those at the upper and lower tool

the press stands on vibration absorbers; the smooth and quiet operation allows to install the press without    special   machine  foundations


...with automatic press force adjustment

Uniform embossing presupposes a constant press force.


By means of an automatic press force adjustment our latest control system compensates changes in press force caused by tolerances in blank thickness, tool upsetting or rise in temperature of the tool.


...simple operation with comfortable control

PLC control and operator panel with display

comfortable operator guidance to take the operator through machine    operation and help with data entry

easy-to-read operation and fault reports on display

storage of tool data sets

press force monitoring with programmable upper and lower values

swivel-type operator panel


Press force setting on pushing a button

The embossing tool consists of upper die with motoric wedge adjustment to adjust the press force and bottom die with spindle nut adjustment for an accurate setting of the bottom die on transport level.


The movable bottom die is not linked to the slide and is guided on the press bolster near to the embossing area with utmost accuracy.


Due to this separation drive and temperature influences as well as the guiding clearance of the press slide have no negative effects on the die guiding.


Furthermore it allows an adjustment of the blank position in the coining collar.

Upper and lower tool are connected to the central oil lubrication system.


Mechanic quick-action tool change facility

In order to reduce tool change times, the press is equipped with a quick-action tool change facility.


The embossing die including holding fixture and the coining collar are interlooked in semi-shells and secured by quick-action clamps.



Our revolutionizing innovation:


Hydraulic quick-clamping tool chuck

easy and quick tool change

cost-saving change parts

reduced wear of the change parts due to axial clamping


The hydraulic tool clamping also allows to use simplified, cost-saving change parts.


The way of the blanks through the press to the control box


Automatic feed systems for round coins

a slope conveyor transports the blanks into a vibratoryt conveyor

the vibratory conveyor can be replaced by a rotary conveyor on demand

with a sorting system blanks being too thin thick, too big or too small in diameter, cut or bent can be sorted out

the vibratory conveyor transports the blanks into a magazine


the vibratory conveyor is attached to a cross arm of the noise enclosure,     therefore the feeding capacity cannot be influenced by machine vibrations;

    the feeding capacity can be set infinitely variable

an oil spray lubrication facillity for lubrication of the coin edges in the blank     feed pipe guarantees a longer life time of the coining collar

a dial feed with individual segments pushes the blanks into the embossing     station

a cleaning system removes dust and abrasive metal particles from the     segments

the embossed coins are discharged at the front or at the side of the noise     enclosure into a control box

the dial feeding facility including the stepping gear can be traversed     backwards pneumatically and thus considerable

    easing the handling procedures for setting to a new blank size


Accessory equipment for polygonal coins, a speciality of GRABENER

With this patented accessory equipment for polygonal coins it is possible to feed, align and emboss coins with different shapes


...though running  g the press with maximal speed.



Bicolor coins: joining and embossing

GRABENER High-Speed Coining Press, Model MPU, with bicolor equipment and two slope conveyors, each with blank sorting system.


Aclever arrangement of the slope conveyors and charging of the press from the rear side provides good accessibility to the machine.


Bicolor feed system with vibratory conveyor for bicolor rings and rotary conveyor for bicolor cores - or alternatively one rotary conveyor for bicolor rings and one for bicolor cores with blank sorting system.


The simple soution for efficient punching of bicolor rings on the GRABENER High-Speed Coining Presses Model MPU

Bicolor coins are world-wide a firmly established part of the coin assortment.Under ordinary circumstances all but easy to make, the critical bicolor ring can be manufactured on a GRABENER High-Speed Coining Press, Model MPU without facing any problems - and this at equal quantities to those achieved when embossing 650 to 850 workpieces/min.


Only a few, budget-priced change parts are required to transform an embossing press into a punching press or vice versa.

Ring and core are disharged separately.


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Recycling of bicolor coins

Aseparating tool can be used to sep  arate rings and cores for recycling bicolor coins.




Circulation coins with critical reliefs

Increasingly it happens that circulation coins have high, intricate reliefs right up to their edges.


For high-quality embossing results not only the press force is a decisive factor, it is the multi-strike which causes the material to flow in such a way that each individual detail is embossed with utmost accuracy.


Multi-strike facility

An additional mechanical gearing, flanged onto the crankshaft, sets dial feed and ejector to rest during the multi-strike action. After completion of the embossing cycle both components are re-activated.


Moreover, the finished coin receives an improved shine (mirror finish). In multi-strike mode press force as well as stroke rate are to be reduced.



GRABENER High-Speed Coining Press, Model MPU Multiform-Plus

Punching, Joining, Embossing, Multi-strike, Separating - all in one press


Round coins

embossing up to 850 coins/min

Bicolor coins

joining/embossing with dual admission     feed up to 850 coins/min

separating of ring and core up to 850     coins/min

Bicolor rings

punching with punching die up to 850 rings/min

Polygonal coins

embossing with patented accessory system up to 850 coins/min

Coins with difficult relief

embossing with multi-strike up to 200 coins/min


Noise enclosure with optimal access

modern industrial design

optimized sound and dust proofing

large doors for optimum access

modular construction that can, if necessary, be     dismantled for installation


Perfection to the last detail...

Round column with swivel-type operator panel and signal indicatio

Arge windows for better visual control

Optimized interior lightning optimized air circulation

Inside steps instead of outside platforms


Good reasons that speak volumes for GRABENER:

accurate embossing results

embossing of polygonal coins

joining of bicolor blanks (ring and core)

embossing of bicolor coins

recycling of bicolor coins

punching of bicolor rings

multi-strike facility for difficult reliefs

easy and quick tool change

few maintenance requirement

central oil lubrication system for

upper and lower tooling comfortable control with operator guidance

industrial PC

easy-to-read operation and fault reports

press force monitoring with programmable

upper and lower values automatic press force adjustment

motoric upper tool adjustment

hydraulic quick-clamping tool chuck

minimum space requirement

minimum floor vibration

minimum energy consumption

easy to retrofit


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