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GRABENER GMO Sheetmetal Press

    Modified Knuckle-Joint Drive Press for Sheet Metal Processing

 Cutlery Press  |  GMO Modified Knuckle Joint Press  Cold Forming Press 

Powder Metal Press  |  Coin and Medal Embossing Press  |  High Speed Coin Embossing Press

    Merits of GRABENER GMO Press with Modified Knuckle-Joint Drive (Patented):


- Blanking, drawing, bending, coining, embossing, piercing and sizing in one operation sequence.


- Manufacture of ready-to install parts without finish machine.


- Elimination of costs for secondary operations.


- Faster production.


- Reduced cost per piece. 


pv80-gmo-01-part pv80-gmo-02-part pv80-gmo-03-part pv80-gmo-04-part


GRABENER GMO Dynamic Drive System is adopting the "four-point link technology", in which one more link at the connecting rod of the Knuckle-Joint Drive. It has a combination of the knuckle-joint drive and the crank drive. (GRAEBENER's Patented system)



1. Merits on the portion of the Knuckle-Joint Drive (Part 1: LEFT on the above diagram)


- Reduced impact speed


- Greater consistency of parts


- Difficult forms are coined accurately


- Precise blanking


- Longer die service life  


- Low noise generation


2. Merits on the portion of the Crank Drive (Part 2: RIGHT on the above diagram)


 - Fast return stroke

- Earlier initiation of the automation movement 


- Faster stroking rates


- Higher output


pv140-gmo-06-GmoKnuckle pv140-gmo-07-NoLocking

The GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive  System never moves to its full perpendicular position:


Elimination of locking the tool near bottom dead center !




The entire press system is characterized by special rigidity. The transmission of forces into the uprights.

- Prevents deflection within the crown
- Permits off-center loading and flexible die design
- Ensures transmission of force to points at which it is cybernetically most effective.


The Press forces are generated in the Dynamic Drive, leaving the crankshaft protected. An electronic press force monitor guards the system from overload. Thus, the need for hydraulic overload protection can be eliminated entirely.


The answer to the need for intelligent solutions to improve performance


Wear-free and maintenance-free precision slide guiding:


 - The slide is guided in 8-way hardened roller gibbings.

- Precise, oil-free slide guiding.
- Dry running slide rollers guarantee uncontaminated die space.


pv80-gmo-12-SlideGuide-8point pv120-gmo-13-SlideGuide-RollGib


Deep-drawn parts with large forming rations need special care in processing.



The GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive is especially well suited for such processing due to its favorable drawing speed.

An optional built-in drawings cushion ensures
- Optimal accommodation of the drawn part geometry
- Greater productivity by means of controlled adjustment of the cushion force.



The press control is compatible with all commonly used PC softwares (Microsoft Windows Operating System).
The clearly arranged menu is simple to follow.
- Fault message display for ease of correction.
- Multiple die monitoring functions can be easily integrated.




The answer to the need for intelligent solutions in manufacturing

 Ready-to-install Plate Springs are manufactured in various forming steps with his modern, modular progressive die.


Plate Springs
Seven stages of progression, manufactured faster and with greater precision on the GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive.


Steering Link

The new method with GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive:

- Reduced number of manufacturing operations         

- Significantly improved output

- Reduced weight                                                  

- Lower cost



GRABENER GMO 2-400 Press-System


From press technology to tooling and automation, you receive a turnkey line including the manufacturing methodology-all form a single source, GRABENER


On the GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive you can produce parts over the whole spectrum from "normal" to "unusual"


Thin Gage Stainless Steel Gasket


Precision coined Head Gasket out of thin gage stainless steel:

- Increased output by more than 100% and also improved parts accuracy.

Heavy gage steel component

The manufacturing method was changed from flame cutting to stamping:

- Improved part accuracy without secondary machining operations.



Drawn Motor Housing


 The typical motion characteristic of the GRABENER GMO-Dynamic


- A constant drawing speed

- Accurate coining of bottom and flange areas.



 Fork-type Link

In this example the complete manufacturing method was changed.

In the conventional method forged parts were used and extensively machined

- Calibrate blank   - Drill bores    - Slotting    - Milling and broaching

Today the part is manufactured from heavy gage steel.

- On the GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive, in a single press pass.

- Ready-to-Install.

Cost saving: 75%.




Exhaust Manifold Flange

 Conventional method was machining of stamped blank

- Machine certain sections         - Surface grind entire component     - Resize bores.

Today the part is manufactured on the GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive:

- Stamp external shape and access openings

- Coin the weld seam section

- Size the bolt and gasket surface

- All in single operating sequence.




The ability to adjust the length of the stroke improves cost-effectiveness and flexibility:

- Stroke length adjustment for various kind of dies    

- Higher stroking rates to increase output

- Fully automated stroke length adjustment


Pump Flange


Current and future requirements demand higher quality at lower cost, like in this pump flange.

- Drawing    - Trimming    - Sizing    - In one pass.


GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive 630-ton Press

(6300 kN).

Concept of the GRABENER GMO-Dynamic Drive with integrated blanking slide:

- Eliminates need for additional, separate press    

- Eliminates need for additional operator

- Eliminates need for intermediate parts storage



Cropping Shear 


This cropping shear is permanently installed in the press upright and hydraulically driven for cropping the coil web.



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