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P/M (Powder Metallurgy) Sizing Press


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Why powder metal parts need to be sized.


Powder metal parts are indispensable in key areas of mass production. They need to meet ever higher quality standards.


You need a secondary treatment of the sintered parts to receive precision sintered parts ready-to-assemble.


Sizing Sintered Parts Efficiently on GRABENER Knuckle-Joint Presses.

After sintering, powder metal parts require further working. And that often entails additional pressing and expensive finish-machining.


GRABENER knuckle-joint sizing presses manufacture sintered parts directly to shape, with the precision required for immediate assembly.

Affer one work cycle, those parts leave the press

- with a top quality surface finish

- uniform high denisty, and

- in the right shape and size






Customer Needs Shape the GRABENER Product Range.

The GRABENER press system is specially designed to produce precision parts. It operates with a knuckle-joint mechanism, trusted a thousandfold, with the press frame assuming the function of a ram.


The ultra-high rigidity of the press gives users the assurance that the manufactured parts feature the reliable, uniform quality that satisfies customers.


GRABENER has acquired a wealth of know-how in the design and manufacture of knuckle-joint and other press systems. All those skills and experience have been invested in the company's sizing presses.


The presses are tailored exactly to customer needs. Whatever your requirements, be they for a standard-type press or a one-off custom-designed press system, you can be sure GRABENER will meet them.


GRABENER sizing presses give you solid and reliable service. They are noted for exceptional availability and long life.


pv100-Pm04-pm-parts  pv100-Pm03-pm-parts


Responding to each and every customer's requirements.

The adapter

GRABENER sizing presses are equipped with a standard single-stage adapter. The die is float-mounted on a hydraulic pad in order to ensure that the metal powder is compressed at uniform density in the workpiece.

 As a special variant, we supply a multi-stage adapter to accelerate production of highly intricate parts. This allows you to perform three finishing steps in a single operation on the same press. Giving you a significant cost advantage.


Greater flexibility with easy re-tooling

Good access to adapter section makes tool change and set up fast and easy.


Tool change is accomplished with hydraulically operated roller rails and a hydraulic insert and withdrawal cylinder. The adapter is simply pushed onto a roller table to be moved in and out of the press. This allows you to produce even small batches economically, and gives you the flexibility to respond to individual customer requirements.


Sharpen Your Competitive Posture with a Fast, Reliable and Fine-Tuned Production Operation.

Automated systems for medium to high-output raise productivity immensely.

These systems require accurate workpiece alignment, and synchronised operation of feed and press.


Before the workpiece is fed to the sizing tool, it passes through the aligning station. It is positioned accurately there, and its positioning checked again in the control station. Aligning is performed according to the inner or outer contour.

Relible positioning is essential to prevent tool damage.

Example from factory practice: Previously, one man produced 400 parts per hour

Now, one man produces 1,800 parts per hour


The advantage: output per man is 4 and-a-half times higher with a GRABENER sizing press.

Saving: You raise productivity substantially by reducing wage costs to a quarter their previous level.





Amulti-stage press raises productivity to an exceptional level, as the example shows.


Output is notably higher, but that's not all. Into the bargain, ther are other advantages to strengthen your market position:

-lower factory space costs

-lower powerplant requirement

-lower servicing and maintenance expenses.



The GRABENER System Solution

Peripheral components turn a universal press into a special, individualised press system.

GRABENER machine technology gives you everything: From planning, development and design right through to production and installation of a complete knuckle-joint zizing press. Customers receive systems custom-designed for their specific needs. And, the GRABENER project team stays on hand with advice and support when a system is up operating on the workshop floor.


Efficient and economical

With the new multi-stage sizing system from GRABENER, we can now complete several production steps in a single pass through the press.

Edge-rounding, precision sizing and bevelling have become a single manufacturing operation In a word: we now have only one press to do the work of three.


The GRABENER system is equipped with a feed buffer belt for four minutes of continuous press operation, an integrated lubrication tank, a fully automatic workpiece aligning and control station, and a transfer feed device with an electronic monitor.


Integrated lubrication saves the time and expense previously spent doing the job outside the press.


Comprehensive system solution for sizing sintered parts

The nucleus of the system is a mechanically driven knuckle-joint sizing press equipped with a mechanical ejector and a multi-stage sizing adapter. Completing the system is a delivery belt and an adapter change-and-clamping device. The tool adapter is an innovative development giving the operator  better access. It helps reduce set-up times during frequent changes on small-batch production.


Output up fourfold with one man

With this system, integrating three different manufacturing operations, a single operator can turn out 30 sintered parts per minute on an 800-ton press. Three production units were previously required for a similar output, and none of the three was capable of producing more than 20 parts per minute.


Greater competitive thrust from cost advantage

The modern GRABENER press system reduces manning levels and speeds up production. The resultant cost advantage gives the sintered-sizing operation a crucial competitive edge over other methods. By lowering wage and labour costs, the GRABENER system puts manufacturers in a position to carve a larger slice of their market.


 Cutlery Press  |  GMO Modified Knuckle Joint Press  Cold Forming Press 

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