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IRON Coil Processing Equipments and Lines


이태리 IRON회사는 철판코일처리 설비 분야에 있어서 매우 중요한 회사입니다. 1969년에 설립되었고, Mareno di Piave에 소재하고 있습니다. 공장면적은 5000 m2 정도이며, CAD-CAM-CAE 설계 시스템을 갖추고 있습니다.

주요생산 품목은 :

  1. Decoiler
  2. Coil feeding and cutting line
Levelling and transversal cutting lines   
  4. Slitting lines

IRON회사는 고유의 특수기술을 보유하고 있을 뿐만 아니라 엄격한 품질조건과 유럽중요 규격을 충족시키고 있습니다. 전세계에 거의 모든 관련시장에서 IRON회사의 제품이 수출되어 사용되고 있습니다.

pv120-sala1 pv120-interno2



1. Strip Feeding Lines - PENTA Series



이태리 IRON(이론)회사의 Coil Strip Feeding은 고급 철판소재와 고급 주물(spheroidal graphite cast iron)소재와, heavy-duty 볼/롤러 베어링등 고급 부품을 사용하여 제작되고 있습니다. 공장 floor(바닥)에서 철판 strip까지의 높이는 나사조정식 발을 이용하여 조정가능함.
Straightener(스트레이트너) 경우 4개의 대형롤러와 7개의 소형롤러로 구성되며, 위쪽의 roller중 3개는 gear motor에 의하여 상하높이 조정됨. 아래쪽의 roller는 Brushless A.C. motor에 의하여 구동됨.
철판 strip의 전진 동작의정밀도는 +/- 0.1 mm(non-cumulative ; 비누적).



2. Strip Feed Lines - DEDRA Seres




Stripping Feed Lines


3.Levelling and Transversal Cutting Lines - SARC Series



Levelling and Transversal Cutting Lines


IRON(이론)회사의 Levelling & Cutting Line은:

1. 모델종류: 3가지 strip폭 종류
2. 장치구성: (1) 모터구동 decoiler, (2)coil loading 받침(cradle), (3) roller flattening unit(straightener: 롤러 19-21개 짜리), (4) feed-in table, (5)electronic roller advancer(전자식 철판 전진 장치), (6) guillotine shear(절단기), (7) stacker(절단 철판 쌓는 스택커), (8) batch-loading table (9) take-off conveyor
3. Stacker의 길이: 고객 요구사항에 따라서 2,000 - 12,000 mm 까지 가능함.
4. 최소절단길이: 400mm
5. 라인속도: 3가지 속도 종류 중 선택가능함(1. 0-20 m/m, 2. 0-40 m/min, 3, 0-60 m/min)

Built in three strip widths and three conformations, the line normally comprises a motorized decoiler, coil loading cradle, input unit, 19 or 21 roller flattening machine, feed-in table, electronic roller advancer, guillotine shears, stacker, batch-loading table and take-off conveyor. Stacker length varies according to customer requirements, from a minimum of 2000 mm to a maximum of 12000 mm, minimum cutting length 400 mm. Three working speeds are available: 0 to 20 m/min., 0 to 40 m/min. 0 to 60 m/min. All the flattening machines have double counter rollers; the upper section is mobile and the lower one has deforming rollers for both positive and negative transversal flattening.

Two series of flattening machines are available: with 19 x Ø 56 rollers for standard metals and with 21 x Ø 45 rollers for fragile metals such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel, etc. The machines all have centralized lubrication, with continuous recycling for transmission. The electronic advancer is run by a CNC located on an electric console box which contains controls for all the manual and automatic functions. An electric power box completes the line, which also includes guillotine shears, stacker and loading table, with or without a batch take-off conveyor. All functions are powered by a suitably rated hydraulic power pack. Cutting length precision is +/- 0.1 per thousand. Quaring precision is ble.adjusta


- According to production requirements



4. Slitting Lines - LARS Series



(1)Slitting Lines (장치구성)
1. decoiler
2. coil 적재 cradle(받침 크레이들)
3. strip 끝 input 장치
4. cutting head
5. 절단물(slitting된 것) 다시 갖는 장치 (rewinder)
6. input table
7. 얇은 철판 경우 철판 보호를 위한 felt 또는 철판 strip clamp장치
8.cut coil rewinder(pressure arm이 딸린 take-offer quide장치)
9. offloading turret 장치(2또는 4개 head짜리)

(2) Working Speed(기계작업속도): 3가지 종류 가능함1. 0-40 m/min. 2. 0-60 m/min. 3. 0-100 m/min.

(3) Slitting 절단 칼날: 5, 10, 15 또는 20쌍.
(4) Slitting 칼날 교환은 급속 교환 가능함.
(5) 절단속도와 rewinding속도는 광전장치(photocell)을 이용하여 자동제어됨.
(6) 유압 power unit가 있음.
(7) Slitting 절단 폭 정밀도: +/- 0.5 mm


Available in three different widths, the lines comprise a motorized decoiler, coil-loading cradle, strip-end input unit, cutting head with guides, offcut rewinder, input table, felt or roller strip-tightening clamp for fragile metals, rewinder for cut coils with pressure arm take-off guide, offloading turret with two or four heads to facilitate strapping and removal of the cut coils by means of a 'C' hook. Three working speeds are available: 0 to 40 m/min., 0 to 60 m/min., 0 to 100 m/min. The cutting heads come in various grouped dimensions with 5, 10, 15 or 20 pairs of blades and are supplied with extractor rings and strip supports.

They are available either with fixed or removable shafts to facilitate rapid replacement of the blades, gauged spacers and support and extractor rings. The line is run by a power electric box and electric console containing all the controls for manual and automatic functions. Cutting and rewinding speed is regulated by photocells located in the loop pit and by tachymeters with compensation circuit boards for variations in rewinding diameters. All functions are powered by a suitably rated oleodynamic power pack. Cutting width precision is within a tolerance of +/- 0.5 on the setting.


- According to production requirements



5. 주문제작 철판처리 라인설비(Customized Sheetmetal Processing Line)




Customized Sheet Metal Processing Lines


Since 1969 IRON has been designing and manufacturing automatic punching, branding, bending and welding lines for finished and unfinished parts. Software development over the years has made it possible to render these production systems extremely flexible, with a high degree of automation and maximum speed at production changeovers as the various operations can be programmed to obtain such results. Numerical control computers control various operations, such as: shearing, punching, branding, bending, forming, pressing and welding without human intervention on the strip. Such production systems are designed and manufactured to customer requirements.


- Consigned on a turnkey basis
- High precision working
- New programs can be entered during production
- A number of different production programs and quantities can be placed in a queue
- Waste material is reduced to a minimum
- Incorporated self-diagnosis
- Built to European safety standards
-Training in the operation of the system
- Technical, mechanical and electronic assistance


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